How to Prevent Tennis Elbow

How to Prevent Tennis Elbow

What is Tennis Elbow? It has a few different names but the pain is the same—debilitating. Tennis elbow is a medical condition called lateral epicondylitis, or an inflammation of the tendons (bands of muscles) that connected to the bony area on the outside of the elbow. It is also referred to as repetitive strain injury … Read more

How to Grip a Tennis Racquet

Whether you play tennis as a hobby or professionally gripping the racquet correctly is a must. Knowing how to grip a tennis racquet correctly ensures that your shots go in the direction you intended. The tennis ball will go in the direction in which the strings are facing. Pure and simple. Having the proper grip … Read more


Navigate Like A Sailboat Captain St. Petersburg, Florida – It’s March now and already gusty winds are making its presence known here on the west coast of the sunshine state. For us tennis players, this means dealing with pesky windy conditions on the tennis court. It’s enough to make you want to snap your racquet … Read more

States of Mind affect Tennis Performance

Peak Mental Performance Quick Tip Imagine that your mind is like a leaf floating effortlessly on a calm, flowing river of your thoughts and feelings. When the water turns rough, the leaf, although thrashed about in the water, never struggles to get out of the water—it just continues to just “be” and go with the ride. Then, … Read more


… Catch the ball in a cone. When executing the forehand volley, I like to visualize the position of the hand as if you are trying to catch a ball with a cup. To catch the ball, simply set the cone to the side of your body, tilt the cone open, slightly laying back the … Read more