Imagine playing better tennis with more fluidity, ease, and efficiency…

How many times have you sat watching a professional tennis match and wished you could play like the top pros?  While I can’t restore your youth or make up for the 1000’s of balls you will need to hit to develop that killer forehand, I can show you how to improve your strokes naturally and intuitively, all while reducing the strain you put on your body.

With the tips, drills, and explanations laid out in my book, 21st Century Tennis…, you will learn how to:

  • Move to the ball efficiently and fluidly
  • Hit your strokes with more pace and spin with less effort
  • Volley with more control, power, and balance
  • Serve with more consistency and control
  • Feel more relaxed by waiting longer before making contact on your groundstrokes and volleys

I love questions, so don’t hesitate to contact me directly via email: morobtennis@me.com; or mobile phone: 727.515.1454.