… Catch the ball in a cone. When executing the forehand volley, I like to visualize the position of the hand as if you are trying to catch a ball with a cup. To catch the ball, simply set the cone to the side of your body, tilt the cone open, slightly laying back the … Read more

The Backhand Volley Made Easy

 Volley Like Federer One of the tougher shots in the game to master is the backhand volley. Much of the problem lies in the fact that because the back of your hand is facing the incoming ball, you don’t have a lot of support on the racquet handle. This leads to a weak wrist that … Read more

Seeing Is Achieving

Using Visualization To Improve Your Tennis Game “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This adage is one of the goals of visualization. Visualization is still a buzzword when discussing peak mental performance. Many have heard of the term, many more use it without consciously knowing it, and I believe just as many have little understanding of what it … Read more

Psychology of Tennis Transformation

Adjusting your tennis grip

Change Is Always Challenging Whenever athletes make changes in their methods, especially when the old method is habit, it becomes a mental battle more than a physical battle. All athletes at every level, regardless of their abilities must go through the same process of change—they have to eliminate old habits and replace them with something … Read more


THE SOUND OF MUSIC. You can measure the quality of your footwork by the sound of the ball coming off of your racquet—it’s like music to the ears.  That sound is due to the compression of the ball against the tension of your strings. If you are balanced and shifting your weight as you make … Read more

Use Open Stance

forehand feed from coach mo

The Open Stance Has More Benefits Learning to correctly hit from an open stance on both backhand and forehand strokes made a huge difference in my game. More importantly it has become the key element in my teaching methods. One only needs to look at all top level players to see that open stance is the … Read more