States of Mind affect Tennis Performance

Peak Mental Performance Quick Tip

Imagine that your mind is like a leaf floating effortlessly on a calm, flowing river of your thoughts and feelings. When the water turns rough, the leaf, although thrashed about in the water, never struggles to get out of the water—it just continues to just “be” and go with the ride. Then, when the water settles and the waves subside to a calm state, the leaf is again floating effortlessly, serenely on top of the naturally flowing water.

When your mind is in a high state, your thoughts are clear and your feelings are naturally positive. When your mind is in a low state, your thoughts and feelings can and will fluctuate, and sometimes violently like the raging river waters. It’s normal and natural for us to have highs and lows. You must remind yourself to be like the leaf, don’t try to fight or fix the situation, just go with flow—ride the waves—because you can still perform your favorite hobby, playing your favorite sport, or deal with everyday life situations when your mind is in a low state. The mind has the natural ability to return to calmness and clarity, where innate wisdom resides. It is here in this high mind-set that you will do your best work—the ZONE, as many refer to it.

The next time you feel down and are struggling, simply look in the direction that there is nothing out there to fix. Look inward. No matter how bad you may be feeling, just stay in the moment, stay in the game. It might take a little time, but it is a built-in guarantee that new, fresh thoughts, even new solutions, will arrive. Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

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